Software Security

AeneaSoft offers comprehensive software security consulting that will help you protect your data and your reputation through a robust defense in depth strategy. In order to develop software that is resilient to attack, software security must be integrated into the development lifecycle and continued throughout operations. We offer training in Security Engineering and can help you include it in your development process. We are also familiar with regulatory compliance issues and can help you come up with a plan to become compliant and remain there.


Software Application Security

Creating secure software permeates all phases of development and operations. We can help you design and deliver secure software solutions using best practices in the industry. AeneaSoft can help you train your developers to consistently deliver software that is secure and resilient in the face of an attack.

Data Security

Data breaches occur more frequently than ever before. It is important to have a technical partner who understands security and practices a defense in depth approach to data security.


We have experience with a variety of compliance issues related to software security. It is possible to become compliant with a good plan and we can help you assess your weaknesses and create and implement a winning plan to get there.


The cost of internal and external audits can be reduced by implementing a solid plan as part of your technical strategy. We can help you implement processes that leave you consistently prepared for audit reducing cost and effort.