Technical Product Design

Technical design of products and services is a core competency of AeneaSoft and our experience in successfully bringing complex technical products to market has helped our clients get the most out of their IT investment. We will provide valuable assistance with part or all of your product design process through detailed analysis of your needs in order to come up with a winning plan to achieve your short and long term product goals. Accurate alignment of business strategy and your products and services is a critical part of your success. You need an innovative strategy that will quickly adapt to changes in the market and consistently increase value for your customers. We have an expansive commercial awareness and are up to date with a broad understanding of the latest proven emerging technology solutions which will help you deliver innovative and competitive products in the market.



In order to make intelligent decisions about where to take your products and services in the future you need to know where you are today. Is your application meeting the needs of your customers? Are you getting the most out of your IT investment? Is your application too costly to maintain or underperforming? Have you outsourced development but you aren’t sure if you are getting the most from your team? We will help you do careful analysis of your current suite of products and services in order to help you quantify the answers to these questions and help you come up with a winning strategy for success.

Team Augmentation

If you have too many projects and too few resources we can augment your existing product team in order to help you bring more feature functionality to market faster. We have experience successfully working on complex projects with distributed stakeholders around the globe.

New Product Offering

Will your new product or service meet the needs of your customers? Do you have a winning strategy for sucesss in the market? We can help you maximize business value by helping you develop your ideas, prioritize features, and align resources with the products and services that will bring the most value to your customers. We know what it takes to sucessfully bring innovative software products of all sizes to market and partnering with AeneaSoft will help you maximize your success.

Rescue and Revitalization

Do you think your product or project might be in trouble? You don’t need to let a struggling or mature product constrain your business. We will help you identify strategic and deliberate actions to successfully rescue your failing or stale product or project before it is too late, so it can live up to the expectations of your customers and remain competitive in an evolving market.